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Critical Evaluation Essay Samples

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The Basics of Retrosynthesis

No†¦not that kind of retro. People often dismiss organic chemistry as â€Å"all memorization†. I disagree – organic chemistry is just a series puzzles based on a few basic concepts (electronics, sterics, orbitals) that come together to answer almost any problem you might encounter on your homework or tests. One possible exception to this rule is retrosynthesis. The basic idea of retrosynthesis problems is that you have a product in mind and need to figure out how to make it from basic starting materials. Retrosynthesis problems require two major skills: (1) puzzle-solving skills and (2) a solid knowledge of reactions (which is the memorization part). Since each instructor will have his own approach towards designing these problems, I’ll offer a few general tips for students who are starting to learn retrosynthesis. Just in case you haven’t encountered these yet, here’s an example of a retrosynthesis problem with unspecified starting materials. Note the double-lined retrosynthetic arrow which represents a backwards step. Puzzle skills I have to admit that puzzle-solving skills are developed only through practice. When you first try these types of problems, it will be bewildering to imagine all the possibilities. It can be particularly difficult for students who are able to do â€Å"forwards† problems easily on the first try because they are hesitant to choose a possibly incorrect path backwards and end up at a frustrating dead end. While it’s impossible to know exactly what path to take, here are some tips for improving your likelihood of developing a successful and efficient retrosynthetic plan. Approach these problems backwards if you are just given the final product. Don’t just guess at starting materials and try to end up at the desired product. If the starting materials and product are both specified, you can work either backwards or forwards. The goal of a retrosynthesis is to be as short as possible. Yes, there are a lot of different paths possible, but some will be much more efficient. Identify disconnection possibilities by drawing a line through bonds on the product. You will usually disconnect carbon-heteroatom bonds, but breaking apart C-C bonds is definitely possible, especially if they aren’t sp3-hybridized. The arrows point to bonds that are likely disconnection sites. The last doesn’t have very obvious bonds to break (and could just be a starting material unless given as a product). The most important reactions involve conversions between alcohols, carbonyls, and halogens. Unless you just went over such complicated reactions or are explicitly being tested on them, avoid using more complicated reactions such as the Ruff degradation or pinacol rearrangement unless you can recognize them instantly. Count your carbons after every step. It’s extremely easy to lose one, especially when drawing compounds in line notation over and over. Even seasoned chemists will lose carbons once in a while. Check proposed backwards reactions by doing them forwards. This helps you identify any issues such as carbocation rearrangements, stereochemistry, etc. that may not lead to your product. Be mindful of incompatible functional groups in reactions. For example, if you want to use a Grignard reagent to react with a carboxylic acid, you need to remember that it will also react with any ketones, halides, or epoxides on the same starting material. Why won’t the retrosynthetic step on the top work? It’s because adding the Grignard to the proposed reactant would result in the bottom reaction instead. If starting materials are unspecified, a good rule of thumb is that they should have very limited heteroatoms. If your first theoretical step involves a simple substitution (say, from a bromine to an iodine), then you should start with the second step. Stereochemistry matters. Reaction Repertoire This is where organic chemistry starts to become memorization. Technically, you could draw out each arrow-pushing step to logically determine what product would emerge from a reaction, but who has the time? It is far easier to memorize a few parameters for each reaction and use your limited exam time on other problems. I recommend a combination of tables and graphs for memorization. You should start immediately after you start learning reactions so you can add to them incrementally instead of trying to assemble a list of forty reactions the night before the final. Update them and re-draw them when necessary. This might seem tedious, but writing repetition helps most people learn. This is a simple example of a summary graph of reactions of a carboxylic acid. Graphs should be developed for each starting functional group to illustrate the variety of products you can get in a single step. This is especially great for visual learners! Graphs are particularly useful for recognizing more complicated reactions that form carbon-carbon bonds because you will better be able to recognize the underlying structures. A six-membered ring with a single double bond is shown in red. Ideally, you would instntly recognize this as the product of a Diels-Alder reaction and be able to draw the synthon on the right. This example comes from Raymond Funk’s synthesis of beta-erythroidine. Tables are more complicated, but are also a good way to organize reactions. I have listed useful examples of column/rows below. At the beginning, a lot of these columns will be completely inapplicable, and that’s OK. As you learn more complicated reactions, you’ll appreciate the column header as a reminder to check. 1. Reaction name. Most reactions will have a name, and it’s useful to know these. Sometimes reaction names give you clues; for example, a hydrohalogenation involves adding a hydrogen and a halogen. Many people are also better at name association than chemistry jargon, so a Williamson ether synthesis might be easier to remember. 2/3. Reactants/products. If different starting materials undergoing the same reaction make different products, it’s useful to list the reaction in multiple rows for each possibility. 4. Reagents. These are extremely important to memorize and will also act as a major clue for forward syntheses. Sometimes different reagents can achieve the same goal. Reagents might also include non-chemical things still necessary for reaction such as heat or light. 5. Solvents. Sometimes they are unspecified, but some solvents are heavily associated with certain reactions so will aid in recognition. For example, Grignard reactions will usually happen in ethers. It’s also helpful to know what solvent (and reagent) abbreviations mean so you know what to do with ACN, THF, or TMSCl. 6/7/8. Regiochemistry/stereochemistry/Markovnikov. Just memorizing these parameters will help you tackle retrosynthesis quickly. It’s good to also understand why reactions result in specific isomers! 9. Comments. How else would you be able to remind yourself of things that don’t fit in other boxes? This is where you put fun facts such as â€Å"radical mechanism† or â€Å"not very favorable†. Reading these tips is the easy part. Now you have to integrate them into actual problem solving. The most important tip of all in retrosyntheses (and all of chemistry) is practice, practice, practice. And if you’re still struggling, consider contacting Cambridge Coaching! We have chemistry tutors available in NYC, Boston, and online. We can help you make sense of chemistry at any level, from high school to graduate school. Give us a call today! For more relevant reading, check out these other blog posts our chemistry tutors wrote:9 Tips to Get You Through Orgo, The Power of Mnemonics, and How to Tell the Difference Between Bonds. ;

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What Diverse Parents Know And How It Can Help Early...

In the reading, What Linguistically Diverse Parents Know and how it can help Early Childhood Educators: A Case Study of a Dual Language Preschool Community, educator researcher Sara Michael-Luna conducted a 24 month ethnographic study looking at the experiences of immigrate Italian, bilingual, and middle class families at a private dual preschool. The study took place in a metropolitan area with preschool staff, and bilingual families with children ages 2.8-6 years old. The researchers reveal with underlying purposes of their research: (1) how do families of young children come to understand both formal and formal assessment data and (2) how educational institutions can be supported by families â€Å"capital† towards bilingual education. With this in mind, the researcher found some issues, factors, and concerns that educators should be considered when working with bilingual families and children. Michael-Luna informs of the importance of this work by telling us that 20% of chi ldren under five live in homes where adults are â€Å"English language learners, bilinguals, or dual-language leaners† (p. 448). Through her work, then, Michael-Luna presents four significant findings in her research: (1) parents can be participants observers in their children’s language development, (2) parents can be tools for effective second language development at home, (3) parents tended to challenge the preschool assessment system, and (4) parents want and need to understand language development of theirShow MoreRelatedIn What Ways Has Each of your Identities Contributed to How You View Yourself?946 Words   |  4 PagesIn what ways has each of your identities contributed to how you view yourself? Each of my identities contributed to how I view myself today. My culture and personal experiences have had a lasting impact. I view myself as a sensitive, devoted, compassionate, thoughtful, professional, caring, patient, shy, and independent woman. My current socioeconomic status is middle class however as a young child my socioeconomic status was low income. My mother was a single parent with four children. MyRead MoreDevelopmentally Appropriate Practice1675 Words   |  7 Pagesthis question, we must first review the history of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) and Early Childhood Education (ECE). Although ECE has been around since the creation of kindergarten in the 1800’s, the decade of the 1980’s was an important period for ECE. â€Å"By the 1980’s, meta-analysis of the well-designed US projects offered compelling evidence on the positive outcomes of [early childhood education and intervention]† (Woodhead, 2007). Therefore, there was muc h pressure to improve the stateRead MoreEarly Childhood Education Training Program Essay1576 Words   |  7 PagesRunning head: EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION TRAINING PROGRAM 1 Early Childhood Education Training Program for New Parents Heather Bakker Aspen University EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION TRAINING PROGRAM 2 Abstract The following plan was designed to teach new parents about how a child develops. The training will be broken up into threeRead MoreAn Early Childhood Educator : Understanding The Physical, Social, Emotional, And Cognitive Development Of Each Child1024 Words   |  5 Pagesdevelopmental level. All children also come from diverse back rounds with different beliefs and values. As an early childhood educator, I believe it is our responsibility to understand children as a whole and base our curriculum according to their needs. As educators we should set up a high quality classroom environment where the child can grow, learn and explore at his or her own developmental level. I believe that as an early childhood educator my goal is to promote the physical, social, emotionalRead MoreWelcome At Poppy s Place1665 Words   |  7 PagesWelcome to Poppy’s Place, we are delighted to have you as part of our team. To prepare you to accomplish your duties successfully, with culturally and li nguistically diverse (CaLD) families. We have an organized orientation day where our director will introduce you to our team and show you all of the Centre’s facilities. Please don’t hesitate to make the most of this opportunity and ask any questions that may arise. We understand it will take some time for you to feel like you belong in a new organizationRead MoreRaising Bilingual Children : How Do Bilingual Baby s Brains Work And What Are Parents?1585 Words   |  7 Pages Raising Bilingual Children Student Name UTSA IEP Writing 5 For parents, their baby’s development is very important. Babies are communicating with their parents and other people in their own way. When they want something some might point to the subject, some might scream or cry. Smiling is the more common way to show happiness. Obviously crying is an indication of problems such as hunger, thirst, or sleep. However, when they grow up they start to speak. EspeciallyRead MoreParents as Teachers1326 Words   |  6 Pagesa small town like Atchison, Kansas, I figured there were no programs being offered to young single parents or should I say I didn’t think there were any programs that were being offered to young single parents. Little did I know there was one that was going to change my outlook on development, parenting, and being the best mom and teacher I can be, for my son. I later found a program called Parents as Teachers that offered support, classes, activities, field trips, and monthly home visits at no costRead MoreAn Early Childhood Educator My Goal1621 Words   |  7 PagesI believe that as an early childhood educator my goal will be to promote the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of each child. I also believe that play should be the base of learning since children learn best by doing. I believe that a balance between teacher-directed and child-initiated activities is essential balance can be developed by using the developmentally appropriate practice approach, which means that activities should be â€Å"appropriate for each child and relevant to theRead MoreTeaching Esl Students and Why It Is Important Essay752 Words   |  4 Pagessociety and in our schools.† Educators will need to be educated on how to teach in a diverse classroom. Teachers will need to have an understanding for English-language learning children and the way they learn. All educators must be able to teach ELL students while encouraging them to continue to use their native language while learning to speak English. Teachers must also remember to try to keep all families involved in their children’s education. â€Å"Enlisting parents’ help in identifying appropriateRead MoreThe Early Years Of A Child s Life1361 Words   |  6 Pages The early years of a child’s life are the most important, their general well-being, their emotional and social development and their physical, intellectual and emotional growth. â€Å"First the education of the scenes, then the education of the intellect. The essential thing is for the task to arouse such as an interest that engages the child’s whole personality.† (Montessori, 1967, cited in Madeod-Brudenell and Key. 2008:21) Children develop at different paces, therefore they should be carefully observed

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Effects Of Depression On College Students - 1335 Words

Depression is a commonly known mental illness that is founded not only in adults but, is founded more in College students. The 2012 from the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors indicated that 95% of counseling center directors believe that psychological problems are a growing concern and that depression is one of the most prevalent concerns with 36% of college students affected (Jennifer E. Merrill, 2014). Depression in college tends to lead to alcohol abuse because they are experiencing extreme depression. When college students have depression it affects their ability to perform in academics. Gender plays a big role in depression and it determines which gender consumes alcohol more In this study Gender and Depression Moderate Response to Brief Motivational Intervention for Alcohol Misuse among College Students they tested intervention conditions, gender, and depression. 80% of college students experience depression or poor mental health consume alcoho l, and many report heavy episodic drinking (Jennifer E. Merrill, 2014). Depression is founded in college students the most because they are stressing about their academics so they tend to fall into depression which lead them to consuming alcohol. Women in this study shows that they are reduced to harmful drinking without intervention while depressed men are at risk for worse drinking outcomes where overtime don’t go to intervention. In this study they used BMI to search their findingsShow MoreRelatedEffects Of Depression Among College Students847 Words   |  4 PagesDepression among college students has been a tragedy since the stresses of doing well and achieving the greatest have taken over students’ lives. Flyers around campus and posters on busses have shown us that 1 in 3 Terps (Maryland University students) will experience symptoms of depression. National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has named the illness depression as a feeling of sadness that extends bey ond a couple days and interferes with daily life (Depression, NIMH). Maintaining a balanced life-styleRead MoreDepression and anxiety among college students1080 Words   |  5 Pages Depression and anxiety among college students is something that experts have focused on for the past twenty years. The information they have been gathering ranges from the different stressors of college life to the effects of ones culture on how they deal with depression or anxiety symptoms. They have identified a few core characteristics of depression and thoughts of suicide. These are both serious concepts in which people need to seek help for. It is important for students to reach out to friendsRead MoreDepression And Anxiety Among College Students Essay1376 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Anxiety and Depression disorders are two of the most common mental disorders in the United States (Falsafi, 2016). It appears that the two disorders are widespread amongst college students and most cannot manage the high demands and stress (Falsafi, 2016). Therefore, they feel more prone to depression and anxiety (Falsafi, 2016). According to the authors Miller Chung, mental health amongst college students in the United States is a growing public health concern and educators areRead MoreCollege Students and Depression1518 Words   |  7 PagesElectronic Research Assignment College Students and Depression College Students and Depression College students face many adversities as they transcend their collegiate careers. Depression is a major factor that haunts students since the first day they walk into their first lecture. It is extremely alarming that in 2009, the American College Health Association found that 9.2 percent of college students at all types of institutions reported being diagnosed with depression, and 9.4 percent with anxietyRead MoreCollege Is A Time In Which People Are First Discovering1364 Words   |  6 Pages College is a time in which people are first discovering who they are, and what they would like to do with the rest of their lives. It is a point where for the first time in these young adults’ lives they are living on their own and actively making their own life decisions. These young adults are thrown into a world that seems so foreign to anything they have known, and so many new things are thrown their way that they just have to decide and do. The sudden newness of it all can cause many stressorsRead MoreHow Can We Study Related Stress For College Students?1251 Words   |  6 PagesHow to manage study related stress for college students Is it the truth that every college student lives an easy life? Most parents usually encourage their high school children to get a higher grade for their applications to universities by telling them how interesting and relaxing life will be in college. Yet, according to a survey from The Jed Foundation which taking care of mental health for college students, over eighty-five percentages of university students feel very stressful to finish theirRead MoreThe Connection Between Stressors And Mental Illnesses1262 Words   |  6 PagesSpecific Aims Cases of mental illness in colleges are growing. There is a increasing number of students in colleges, and with that an increasing number of students developing a mental illness. The hypothesis is that first year students from low income and lower social statuses are developing serious mental illnesses as a result of the high demands of college course loads and as a result are relying on dangerous methods of coping. The project will focus on the following: The connection betweenRead MoreSocial Networks And Its Effect On Our Lives1661 Words   |  7 Pagescommunicate, interact and socialize on the internet. Nowadays, college students share a substantial proportion of the total users. Not only because they have unprecedented freedom and much spare time, but also because they desire to get connected with their friends. They can manage their time as they want and there are more opportunities for them to them to meet and communicate with diverse types of people. For today’s Chinese college students, wherever they go, most of them take their cellphone, chattingRead MoreThe Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On College Students Essay1319 Words   |  6 Pagesis a frequent obstacle that many college students in America face. Insomnia in college students can have an immense impact on psychological and physical health, which greatly influence academic success. Research shows that 70% of college students qualify as sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation has also been linked with several diseases/disorders, including: depression, anxiety, and obesity. Our research question investigated how sleep depr ivation in college students affects them physiologically andRead MoreThe Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On College Students1217 Words   |  5 Pages Although acquiring the basic amount of sleep seems to be an easy task, college students are struggling to snag even a couple hours of sleep, thus significantly affecting their four domains of development during a crucial developmental period in their lives. College students are going through the development period, Emerging Adulthood, which is from the ages of 18 to 25 years old. During this period of time, adolescents tend to focus on their self-development and discover their identity and the four

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What Gross Domestic Product ( Gdp ) Is A Better Life Essay

HoChun Lam Professor Robert Horito ECON-2010-380 October 31, 2015 Life Quality and Economy Most people may know what gross domestic product (GDP) is. And most people think that if a country has a high GDP, it tells us the country is strong. High GDP countries’ people have higher salary, higher material life, and more economic activity. However, it does not mean that high GDP countries’ people have a better life. For example, most of high GDP countries have serious pollution problem. Therefore, they have to spend a lot of money on health care. Do they really have a better life? Also, GDP has advantages and disadvantages. GDP is only one of the methods to evaluate the quality of countries. One of the disadvantages of GDP is not comprehensive. Working is not only can be occurred in workplace. Workers can also work at home, like housekeeping and child care. And GDP would not count this type of job. However, they actually can develop the economic income. Moreover, a country can have really high GDP with only making a lot of production, but people who living in this country can be really poor. Also, the cost of natural disasters can increase GDP. However, is natural disaster a good thing? The answer is no for sure. The GDP would not show the impact of the environment. It only consider the positive side; therefore, it can tell GDP is not objective enough. On the other hand, I will explain the advantages of GDP as a measure of welfare. GDP is the total value of goods andShow MoreRelatedComparing The Australian Economy And The Chinese Economy1066 Words   |  5 Pagestechnologies, economic health, and the creation of an overall better quality of life. The comparison between the Australian economy and the Chinese economy provide a detailed and comprehensive view of both nations. China is of political, cultural and economic strategic importance to Australia. Economic growth, employment/unemployment, environmental sustainability, the role of government (in health care, education and welfare), and quality of life determine the economic development of a nation. AustraliaRead MoreThe Canadian Economy And Canadian s Quality Of Life1447 Words   |  6 Pagesbeverages and consumer products. These firms make significant contributions to the Canadian economy and Canadian’s quality of life. The manufacturing industry has been helping the Canadian economy grow and become stronger but for 2015, this has not been the case. This report will be focusing on the manufacturing industry and how it coincides with Canada’s economy. The three subtopics focused on in this report are the effects of the manufacturing industry on gross domestic product (GDP), inflation and unemploymentRead MoreGhanas Agriculture Sector Essay1579 Words   |  7 PagesThe agriculture sector is an important asset for Ghana’s economy. It accounts for one-third of gross domestic product (GDP), and provides over 55% of the population’s jobs (Ghana Agriculture). Ghana’s climate is tropical; warm and dry along the southeast coast; hot and humid in th e southwest, and hot and dry in the north. The terrain is mostly low plains with divided plateau in the south-central area. The overall percentage of land use is 17.54% of arable land and 9.22% of permanent crops. EnvironmentalRead MoreEconomy of Singapore1620 Words   |  7 PagesEconomy of Singapore Singapore enjoys a highly developed and successful free-market economy, a remarkably open and corruption-free business environment, stable prices and one of the highest per capita gross domestic products in the world. Exports, particularly in electronics and chemicals, and services provide the main source of revenue for the economy. Singapore is positioning itself as the region’s financial and high-tech center. Singapore’s economic strategy proved a success, producing realRead MoreTesco in China1479 Words   |  6 PagesUK, which means this has had an impact on the inflation rate which has increased , the unemployment rate which will also decrease, the interest rates have changed, and there is growth in the economy. Inflation is the general rise in price of the products for the economy. The inflation rate in the UK is 2.7%, thinking about the economic climate the UK was in. if you look at the bigger picture the inflation rate has decreased in numbers compared to when it went up to 8%. It is measured by the consumerRead MoreHave You Ever Thought About That Economic Is Effect In844 Words   |  4 Pagesthat Economic is effect in our daily life? For example, every day, we will have to decide how much we can spend for our foods, clothing, and paying the bills. Like in our textbook said that â€Å"We could not get everything we want therefore we are naming the Scarcity.† In this essay, we will discuss about the U.S. Economy for the years between 2006 and now in terms of macroeconomic measures discussed in the course GDP, unemployment, and inflation rates. First, GDP is the dollar value of all goods andRead MoreGdp Is the Best Measure of a Countrys Standard of980 Words   |  4 PagesGDP is the best measure of a country’s â€Å"standard of living† Discuss Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the value of everything produced in the economy for the year. It usually is used to provide economic growth rates and other important data, it is valued in terms of the cost of all inputs. Gross means total; domestic means it applies to everything produced within the economy, product means output. Standard of living refers to the wellbeing of the population, this requires a very wide range of dataRead MoreEconomic Growth Between India And India3046 Words   |  13 Pages Table of content Introduction......................................................................................................................1 What is Economic growth? ................................................................................................2 What is GDP? ..................................................................................................................3 Compare economic growth Australia and India.......................................................Read MoreA Educational Excellence And Standards For More Than 30 Years Essay1545 Words   |  7 Pagesand the world. These economic factors such as human development index (IDH), interest rates, currency exchange, gross domestic product (GDP) and gross national product (GNP) has to be considered when analyzing a country economy for the implementation of a new business. The Thai economy is an economy that relies heavily on export, which accounts for 60 percent of its gross domestic product. Automotive and electronics have a source which has favored the strengthening of the Thai currency, baht. MoreoverRead MoreThe Current Status Of The U.s. Economy1440 Words   |  6 Pagesfrom presidential elections to baseball games can be summarized using statistics (2013). One of the most prevalent uses of statistical analysis is to summarize data in order to reflect the health of the U.S. economy, specifically through gross domestic product (GDP). Wheelan touches on the subject of how statistics can be used in conjunction with economics; however, there is much more he does not mention. The health of the U.S. economy is imperative to every American. It dictates whether it is a good

Discrimination Discrimination And Discrimination Essay

Discrimination is an ongoing issue that many individuals experience daily. It affects a numerous amount of diverse beings in a multitude of circumstances and locations. One’s race is not the only presiding factor in being victim to discrimination, often times it can be an individual’s gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, personal values, and cultural background. Discrimination is not just about being discriminated against but sometimes it can be an unintentional maltreatment of one different from ourselves. In some instances an individual may find themselves being the victim of discrimination or the perpetrator. It is imperative to be able to recognize the different roles of discrimination. Discrimination can occur consciously or subconsciously with our attitudes, by our behaviors and often times with the stereotypes and perspectives that we may place on others who are dissimilar from us. (Ashford, J.B., Lecroy C.W., Lortie, K.L. 2013) defined discrimination as the application of prejudice or bias to a person based on particular characteristics, such as physical or cultural traits. Most individuals can relate to being a victim of some sort of discrimination at some point in their lives. A clear indicator that an individual may feel when being discriminated against in the moment, is that the treatment that they are receiving rather it is from a person, a group, or an institution is undeserved. The reasoning as to why discrimination occurs can vary based on theShow MoreRelatedDiscrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination1161 Words   |  5 PagesDiscrimination in U.S.A Introduction This term is utilized to highlight the contrast in treatment between individuals from diverse groups when one group is purposefully treated†¦ 1. Gender Discrimination †¢ Although gender discrimination has decreased a lot as compared to past but still the situation is far from ideal†¦ †¢ Several institutions are reluctant to give important and commanding posts to women†¦ †¢ Gender discrimination is also evident in social life of America†¦ 2. Religious DiscriminationRead MoreDiscrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination1169 Words   |  5 PagesII 10/5/2017 Discrimination Of People in the Workplace Does Discrimination still exist in the work environment? You bet. This paper focuses on discrimination laws that help women and men, who are treated differently because of their sexuality, race, religion and gender identity. Federal and State laws forbid discrimination against race, religion, sexual orientation, sex, and gender identity even though it still happens to many people. (Employment Law Handbook. (n.d.).) Discrimination Laws OrganizationsRead MoreDiscrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination1626 Words   |  7 PagesDiscrimination is the concept of treating someone unfairly due to a specific prejudice you have toward them, as stated by Pincus (2006) on distinguishing the two â€Å"prejudice is what people think and discrimination is what people do†[1] thus to discriminate a child would be to act upon your feeling toward them. Within practice this could be shown through singling out a child due to their race, religion, disability and/or gender etc., such behaviours are not condoned nor allowed within the educationRead MoreDiscrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination1513 Words   |  7 PagesDiscrimination In today s lesson, you will be learning about discrimination. First off, you have 30 seconds to think of any reasons why discrimination may occur: Write your answers the text box below: Discrimination: Occurs when a person is subject to unfair treatment, based upon a characteristic that is considered to be abnormal, in association with certain individuals or groups, lifestyle choices, or a personal circumstance that is not desired in the workplace. What laws cover non-discriminationRead MoreDiscrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination1788 Words   |  8 PagesDiscrimination has played a role in humanity from the beginnings of human existence to the modern societies of today. Every individual has experienced an act of discrimination at some point; yet, most questions surrounding this fundamental human flaw remain unanswered. One belief that has overwhelming support is the fact that discrimination can lead to significant negative effects. These effects mediate how an individual is able or unable to deal with discrimination. Thus, the discussion of discriminationRead MoreDiscrimination, Discrimination And Discrimination Essay2406 Words   |  10 PagesUnfortunately, discrimination has been occurring in America for hundreds of years. Evidence proves this when the European settlers began colonizing America and making the Native American people their slaves. It didn’t stop there, discrimination and racism was even more apparent when the Jim Crow Laws were passed. The Jim Crow Laws enforced segregation between the whites and the African Americans. For years, the unlucky Americans of all races, colors, and sexual orientation have endured discrimination at someRead MoreDiscrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination947 Words   |  4 Pages Discrimination is an action or practice that excludes disadvantages or merely differentiates between individuals on the basis of some ascribed or perceived trait. Discrimination can be caused by stereotyping and prejudice. Stereotyping is a widely fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person. Prejudice is a preconceived opinion that is not based on a reason or an actual experience. Some groups that are more likely to be discriminated against are; women, ethnic minoritiesRead MoreDiscrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination821 Words   |  4 Pages Discrimination is typically defined as the practice of treating a person differently from other people or groups of people. In terms of economics, discrimination occurs when people with similar economic characteristics, experience different economic outcomes due to their race, sex or other noneconomic attributes. For instance, a black worker whose skills and experience is identical to those of a white worker but receives a much lower wage is a victim of discrimination. A country will not be operatingRead MoreDiscrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination Essay1142 Words   |  5 Pagesis referred to as discrimination. Discrimination can be based on many different characteristics age, gender, weight, ethnicity, religion, or even politics. For example, prejudice and discrimination based on race is called racism. Oftentimes, gender prejudice or discrimination is referred to as sexism. Discrimination is often the outcome of prejudice pre-formed negative judgment or attitude. Prejudice leads people to view certain individuals or groups as inferior. Discrimination refers to the arbitraryRead MoreWorkplace Discrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination1588 Words   |  7 Pagestreat others with prejudice because of particular features they possess. Unfortunately, prejudice and discrimination occur even in places which, by definition, should be free of all personal prejudices – specifically, in offices and other business surroundings. This tragedy is called workplace discrimination; not every unfair behavior at work, however, can be assessed as discrimination. Discrimination in the workplace happens when an employee experiences unfair treatment due to their race, gender, age

Human Resources Management Legal Framework of HRM

Question: Describe about the Human Resources Management for Legal Framework of HRM? Answer: Introduction: In this assignment, a detailed understanding is made on the significance, scope and legal framework of the HRM in the business organization. The case study in the assignment analyses the comment that is provided by Tolu in a social media site. The issues or the allegations that is put upon her has been analyzed critically as an HR consultant. There are legal aspects highlighted showing why the company has fired her for the social media posts. There are supporting theories and examples from the real life scenarios showing situations that were similar to the case study. In the latter part of the assignment, there is a discussion about the good practices of social media at the work place. As a HR, there is a need to constantly motivate the employees and communicate with them regarding the issues they are facing. A case laws and supporting examples have been provided on supporting the use of social media for a better purpose. Critical analysis of the issues that has been raised against Tolu by the company: The company for which Tolu words has found out that she has been tarnishing the image of the company in the social networking site Face book and thought of firing her on the following grounds: Managing conduct: When Tolu highlights about the owner of the company in the Face book comments then this has negative impact on the friend list of Tolu. In the friend list, there are also employees from the company who would be viewing the comments and a negative impression can be created in their minds. The employees might think that as she is not treated well by the manager and so similar consequences on them can result in future. This is one of the issues identified. Company reputation: The comment that is stated by Tolu in the social networking site is a way of spoiling the reputation of the company. The friends who are there in the list of Tolu would think that the company does not think about the staffs and they are harsh towards them. Surviving for longer time would be difficult in the company. If the profile of Tolu has no privacy option settings then this information can be visible to everyone apart from her friends. This news will spread like wild fire and will be known to everyone apart from the colleagues of Tolu. This are the reasons for the company highlighted against her. Communication with staffs: Another issue that was stated by the company against Tolus comment in the social media site is that the comment would project that the employees are not able to freely communicate within the organization. This was shown through the grievances that were expressed by Tolu. The friends of Tolu will think that the management of the organization does not think about the employees and they are not free to discuss the problems that they face in the workplace. Privacy in the place of work: The Company has also charged Tolu for violating the privacy at work. Tolu has mentioned in the comment about the working environment, which the company felt affected, their privacy. Supporting Theories and Law: Tolu can take legal help in order to provide a justification that she was not wrong in her act. A teenager faced a similar situation as well. This news was provided in (2016) in a report dated February 2009. The sixteen-year-old girl has been working for the company Ivell Marketing and logistics for stating that the job she was doing was boring. The decision to fire was for a period of three weeks. The case was similar to Tolu but the HR manager has thought of terminating her without giving a chance to explain herself. Just like the sixteen-year-old girl, she also did not mention the name of the company in the comment. Another example of this was seen in the report by (2013) where the Home Office staff was fired three employees for posting comments related to the company on Face book, MySpace and Bebo. They all have brought disrepute to the Company. It as stated by Steven George of think tank Parliament Street that sacking or terminating an employee is a short-term solution rather there is a need for the company to train and informing the employees on how to handle the social media channels (Truss, Mankin and Kelliher, 2012). The spokes person of Home Office also thinks that guidance must be provided so that staffs know on how to use the social media forum. Social Media Today (2013) stated it in an article there are grounds as to why the employees cannot fire employees based on Face book. When considering the legal perspective, the rights of the worker are protected under the National Labour Relations Act of 1935. A board is constantly monitoring and interpreting so that matters related to the employees are resolved. The NLRB is also requested to apply 1935 law to the social media activities. It was determined by the NLRB is that the employees who are taking the social media platform to criticise against the employers would be protected under the law when there is more than one employee for participation. According to the Act of Section7, the employees have the right to organize and form a labour organization or engage in collective bargaining (Amos, 2016). The employees has the right to refrain such activities except to the extent that this right may be affected by an agreement that requires membership in the labour organization. There is rule under NLRB that the employees cannot say anything that they want (Werner, Schuler and Jackson, 2012). Section 7 held only the activities of collective bargaining, protection or mutual aid. When there is a comment by a single employee with no participation then there is no protection provided to them. It might be considered as libel as per the type of comment and business owners then has the right to terminate the employee or seek restitution (Rothwell et al. 2012). Good practices related managing of social media at workplace: There are many pieces of good stewardship of corporate social networking activities. The human resources team within the organization can lead to better utilization and risk management of social media in the working area (Noe, 2014). Some of the basic guidelines need to be followed: There is a need for a clear written policy on the use of social media in the organization. There is a need to ensure that there is an official social media policy in the handbooks of the employees (Armstrong, 2014). This is to be included when there is social networking allowed and who may represent the organization and the disciplinary actions regarding the wrongful use of social media. There is a need for assigning key personnel for managing the social networks of the company. There is a need for very few selected people who would be managing the account of social media of the company at certain time. The core should be related to the executive team with a proper guidance from the marketing and the HR division (Dessler, 2013). There is a need for amalgamation of the social networking with that of the recruitment and marketing initiatives: The social media tool can be used as a tool for communication with the employees so that they are alerted about the important events in the organization (Dessler, 2014). There is a need to encourage the employees so that they share professionally among each other. The social media sites help in the hiring new recruits and marketing of the products in the outside world. Dealing with comments and complaints professionally and promptly The employees and the customers for providing the feedbacks can use the platform of social media. There is a need for monitoring the feedbacks by the organization so that there are no issues faced from Public Relations as they are going to exaggerate the matter. Engagement of prospects and integration of employees: There is a need to add the social sharing button in all the publication and encourage the visitors of the website of the company to join the social networks. The brand needs to be displayed in the most appropriate manner in the social media networks. The company needs to see that the copyright law is not violated, as there is a possibility that the company logo is used for some other purpose (Ivancevich and Konopaske, 2013). The communication theory can be applied so that employees are able to communicate freely with the manager regarding the grievances (Mondy and Mondy, 2014). There are some viewpoints regarding the communication framework theory: Mechanistic: This viewpoint sates the transmission of the viewpoint from the first party to a second party. There is no intermediary in between the conversation. Psychological: Communication is not only the flow of information from the sender but there is also some emotions and feelings attached in the information. The receiver needs to understand on how to decode. Social: A close interaction between the sender and the receiver is stated in the social viewpoint. Communication is directly dependent on the content of the speech. Systematic: Systematic viewpoint is something in which the individual interpret a message in his or her own way and reinterpreting and drawing conclusion as per choice. Critical: This viewpoint states that this is a simple way through which a person and exert his power and authority among the others (Mondy and Mondy, 2012). Motivation Theory of Maslow: The employees need to be motivated during their work. The following Maslows theory of Motivation will help the employees to perform better: Figure 1: Motivational Theory by Maslow (Source:, 2016) Examples on the usage of social media for hiring practices: There is a growing importance of social media for using it for the process of hiring. A survey was conducted in the 2008 states the US human resources department found that approximately 84% of the employers utilise the search engines to find the correct candidate this was approximately 77% in the year 2006 (Davison, Maraist, Hamilton and Bing, 2012). It was written by Nguyen (2014) that a survey by Career Builder shows that 44% of the managers hired from Face book while 27% of the candidate was monitored in Twitter accounts. Case Law: A case on the dismissal of an amateur model from the organization due to entry in Face book and You Tube video The case is dated to19th August 2010. Mrs. Gill was working with SAS Ground services. She devoted her time into acting and modeling during her spare time. She has given an excuse in office that she was sick and had some medical complication where as the company looking into her Face book page saw that she was attending London Fashion Week during her leave. The company after that carried out a disciplinary proceeding. During the time of hearing, she stated that the attendance in the fashion show was social and helped couple of hours. The face book page however showed that she was choreographing the fashion show and presenting bouquet to the fashion designers. The company alleged that involvement of Mrs. Gill during her sick period in work. There was a demoralizing affect also on the other employees. Mrs. Gill claimed it as unfair dismissal. There was a short shrift given to the claims of Ms Gill. The company has followed a fair procedure and there was sufficient evidences held against Mrs. Gill Conduct. Tribunal held Gill has been fairly dismissed and her claims failed (, 2016). Conclusion: It can be seen that the role of the human resource management is important in handling the legal framework of HRM in the organization. Motivation is an important factor that the management needs to understand and redress the issues that the employees face. When the employees are satisfied with the services of the organization there would be no negative comments on any social media sites. The performance standard of the business organization would also include. When there is any type of conflict in work then the matter needs to be resolved as this might lead to grievances among the employees. 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